Innovation Lab offers a wide range of IoT enabled hardware and application development services. We have designed and build air quality monitoring systems, energy monitoring systems and waste management systems for smart cities. We have expertise in designing, developing and implementing state of the art solutions for industrial commercial sector using cutting edge technology.


“Our mission is to help companies automate their business processes using Internet of Things technology that will result in saving money, reducing waste, improving service delivery and making it less expensive to manufacture or deliver services to their customers.”


“At Innovation Lab, we vision a future where Internet of Things technology will revolutionize the world’s digital transformation to build a sustainable environment.”

Our Values

Responsibility – Your goals are also our goals. We stand by our words and take responsibility for every deadline, decision and choice we make.

Proactivity – We know when to step in, lead, suggest and leverage our experience for the benefit of the project. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

Trust – Trust is a solid ground for successful collaboration. We nurture it through transparent communication, commitment and full understanding between clients and teams.

Best practices – We are strong advocates of functional design, efficient engineering practices and technical excellence.

Technologies we use