A new generation of low-cost sensor devices, benefiting from advances in communications and sensor technologies. Our IoT connected devices sense the environment several times a minute and typically deliver a one minute average value to a connected analytics solution, offering air pollution monitoring and control services that deliver dynamic, local information to stakeholders.

Technical Specifications

Measurement parameters: PM2.5, PM10, Temp, Humidity
Optional Gas Sensors – CO, CO2, NO, N2O, NO2, SO2, O3, CH2O, NH3, CH4
Range of PM2.5: 0-999 µg/m3
Range of PM10: 0-1999 µg/m3
Minimum Resolution of <0.3 µm
Relative Error Maximum of ±10% and ±10µg/m3
Response Time: Less than 10 seconds when scene changes
Range: 10 to 60 degrees C
Accuracy: 1 deg C
Resolution: 1 deg C
Range: 0 to 90% RH
Accuracy: 3%
Resolution: 1%

Data Anywhere
On Screen or Cloud data visualization
Device data can be sent to any cloud
Custom App or Integration with any existing platform/software
Connectivity: Wifi/ 3G/ 4G
Optional Connectivity: LoRaWAN, NBIoT

Warranty & Support

  • 1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • Service time will be 1 Week, Delivery to our facility is responsibility of customer
  • Warranty will be void if device is opened, tempered with or electronics parts damaged due to any kind of shock


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