Carbon dioxide measurement is required in many applications from building automation and greenhouses to life science and safety. Many technologies are used to measure CO2. Infrared (IR) sensing is the most widely applied one.

Our IoT enabled CO2 monitor uses CMOSens® Technology (Sensirion) for IR detection for carbon dioxide measurements of the highest accuracy at a competitive price. The monitor can be configured to use various communication protocols (Wifi, GSM, NBIoT) and can easily be configured to set data to any data platform for storage and analytics.

Suitable For


Office Buildings

Cold Storage



Technical Specification

Range: 400 – 5000 PPM
Working Temperature: 0 – 50°C
Working Humidity: 0 – 90%
Heat up Time: < 3 minutes
Response Time: < 12 seconds

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature Measurement Range: -40 – 85 °C Humidity Measurement Range: 0 – 100%
Connectivity: Wi/ 3G/ 4G LoRaWAN, NBIoT
Warranty & Support: 1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects
IP Protection: IP65