The IoT product development process isn’t as simple as adding connectivity to your hardware and you’re done. One key decision is determining if your company can roll its own or needs outside help.

IoT solution development is not all about just hardware/device development but it also requires software solutions to make use of the data coming from hardware. There are various IoT software (IoT cloud platform) available in the market that can be used with most custom hardware. But there are times when developing a custom software makes more sense than using existing off the shelf cloud platforms.

At Innovation Lab, we have partnered with Telcos, charities, industry and academia to offer consultancy revolving around IoT solutions.
If your organization has an idea to develop an IoT solution from scratch or add connectivity capabilities to your existing hardware, Innovation Lab can work with you as a partner. We have expertise for designing solutions from inception to product development covering full life cycle. With our in-house resources and rapid development tools, we can build POCs in no time thus validating your concepts.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are:

Flexible – We have the ability to scale up and manage changes without having an impact on the existing solution. For example, if you need to add new features to the existing hardware solution, we can do the changes without reorganizing your entire solution. We are capable of scaling your solution as you grow and we have the ability to work and manage your solutions remotely.

Trustworthy – The end-to-end process of developing IoT solutions is a complex task. It covers hardware, data collection, storage, transmission, connectivity, cloud services and much more. We have experience in this entire process and we ensure that no data security breaches occur at any stage.

 Transparent Cost Structure – At Innovation Lab, we have a transparent cost structure model. From R&D to POC development to large scale manufacturing, we share full details with our clients. With the transparent cost model, you can be sure that we do justice to your project, time and resources.

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