With smart energy monitoring system, track live power consumption in real-time for single or multiple devices. Identify abnormal patterns of energy use, pointing to imminent problems of numerous appliances. Discover and reduce your carbon footprints. Estimate your energy bill, allowing you to see the overall impact of energy use on your operational costs, that too in real time.


PSENSE, an IoT enabled wireless energy monitoring device which allows consumers and businesses to monitor and control energy consumption of machines, buildings and industries in real-time. PSENSE can help reduce electricity bills by up to 20% by raising awareness of how electricity is being consumed at a site or by a machine. PSENSE aims to help create a sustainable world using IoT technology to help reduce energy consumption, thus reducing costs, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


• Saving – Forecasting & budgeting
• Clarity – Understanding of energy usage
• Daily, weekly, monthly consumption trends
• Convenience – Handy information on laptop/mobile-phones/ tablets
• User Engagement – Direct interaction of user with its own energy consumption pattern, thus providing smart control of their energy requirements

Technical Specifications

1- PSENSE can be connected to a single or a three-phase electricity supply
2- PSENSE can monitor electricity consumption from 1 amp to 100 amp.
3- PSENSE uses CT (Current Transformer) sensors to connect to power supply.
4- Online Dashboard and mobile app incorporates variety of features to help curb excessive consumption.
5- Real-time data availability to assist user in quickly determining where to adjust their energy usage.

Data Anywhere
On Screen or Cloud data visualization
Device data can be sent to any cloud
Custom App or Integration with any existing platform/software
Connectivity: Wifi/ 3G/ 4G
Optional Connectivity: LoRaWAN, NBIoT
Warranty & Support
1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects
Service time will be 1 Week, Delivery to our facility is responsibility of customer
Warranty will be void if device is opened, tempered with or electronics parts damaged due to any kind of shock