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Research and Innovation

There are billions of IoT devices and that number is growing each day. Most people think of IoT as smart home appliances or smart light control devices. But IoT devices have been deployed by various sectors including energy, transportation, smart cities and industrial production units.

IoT devices can remotely read electricity consumption, it can monitor and predict when a machine in a factory is about to fail and they also tell us what is the air quality in our cities.

“Collecting data to help understand the operation of the target is the most significant benefit of the Internet of Things.”

Innovation Lab has extensive research and innovation expertise in sensors, integration, data management, and other areas needed to develop IoT solutions. We are a partner to companies in the development of new, innovative IoT solutions.

Our R&D team has experience in working with telecom operators, facilities management companies, industry and local governments. We have developed simple yet state of the art IoT solutions that helped organizations to become more efficient.

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